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Mosquito Spraying - North Attleboro, MA

New mosquito spraying service is now available from Foley and Son Landscaping. Enjoy the great outdoors during the beautiful New England spring and summer seasons ... whether it's playing with the kids in the yard, having a barbecue, playing sports, or enjoying any other activity, without being bothered by mosquitoes. Our service is:

  • 100% Organic
  • No Poisons
  • Completely Safe for Kids
  • Completely Safe for Pets
  • Completely Safe for Gardens
  • Is a fogger system and 100% guaranteed

A strong liquid garlic concentrate, dilutes in water and is sprayed on grassy areas to keep mosquitos off. Odorless in minutes. No chemicals, non-toxic.

FAQ's - Mosquito Spraying

Why do mosquitoes bite humans? - Female mosquitoes require a blood meal for every batch of eggs they produce. Proteins and nutrients from blood are reserved for egg production and so it is consumed only by females. Both sexes instead rely on sugar as their main source of energy. They feed on plant nectar, fruit juices and other plant liquids containing sugar. The sugar is burned as fuel and is replenished on a regular basis.

Can mosquitoes cause and spread disease? - Yes. Mosquitoes are the most formidable transmitters of disease in the animal kingdom. Several of the most severe diseases (human and other) spread by mosquitoes include malaria, encephalitis, yellow fever, dog heart-worm, human elephantiasis, and West Nile virus.

Are bug lights effective? - Ultraviolet bug lights, or 'zappers' are relatively ineffective against mosquitoes, who seek light colors, heat and carbon dioxide, none or which is emitted by zappers. In addition, zappers kill indiscriminately, eliminating insects that are beneficial, as well as those who may feed on mosquitoes.

How soon after an application can I enter the sprayed area? - It's safe to reenter a treated area as soon as the treatment is completed.

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